Pro-MB alliance blames gov’t for Cairo U bombing
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CAIRO: The National Alliance to Support Legitimacy, a pro-Mohamed Morsi group, blamed the government for an explosion at Cairo University Wednesday.

The group, which rejects the legitimacy of the interim government and Morsi’s July 3 ouster, wrote on its Facebook page Wednesday evening that the government had “targeted” students who supported the Muslim Brotherhood, and said that those students would not be intimidated by “terrorist operations”.

The explosion at Cairo University killed the head of the West Giza Investigation Department, Brigadier Tareq al-Mergawy, and injured nine.

Prime Minister Ibrahim Mahlab issued a statement Wednesday afternoon blaming the Muslim Brotherhood for the explosion, and said that he would convene a meeting between security agencies to investigate the incident.

Former Minister of Defense Field Marshal Abdel Fatah al-Sisi announced March 26 his resignation from his military post and his decision to run for president. A number of protests followed in universities across Egypt from March 27, which provoked a security response; rock-throwing between students was reported at Cairo University, and police used tear gas to disperse demonstrators at Ain Shams University on Tuesday.

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