Return of security forces to the universities raises controversy
Security guards at Cairo university - YOUM7/Ahmed Maarouf

CAIRO: Education experts have criticized Cairo University’s decision to bring back university guards on campus, with some going to far as to call it “a crime.”

The deans’ council of the university, which witnessed an explosion that killed one and injured nine Wednesday, re-instated the guards to protect the campus.

Dr. Hany Al-Husseiny, leading member of March 9 for the Universities Independence, said the decision was a “crime” and that it targeted the university and the students, in an interview with ONTV Thursday. He added that a presence of security forces could lead to escalation and violence.

The Administrative Court canceled the university guards of the Interior Ministry in 2011, the first such decision to removing security forces from campuses since 1972. Since then, universities contracted with private security companies to control security.

General Ashraf Abdullah, Assistant Minister of Interior for the Central Security, said in an interview with Mehewar satellite channel, “The universities have turned into a shelter for terrorists and criminals since the decision to remove security forces from the universities.”

He added, “Even developed countries that adopt the slogans of human rights keep security forces in the universities to protect their sanctity.”

Al-Badeel News Website reported Amr Kilany, a member of the Central Office of the Students of Masr Al-Qawia Party, saying that the students of his party refuse the decision, which they saw as a means to regulate the “continuous suppression exercised against the students.”

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