Ministry of Supply plans to distribute bread with smart cards
Photo courtesy of alarabiya

CAIRO: The Ministry of Supply has created a plan to distribute subsidized bread with smart cards to guarantee that subsidy reaches those who deserve it, reported Youm7.

The ministry’s plan says that citizens will get bread from bakeries with electronic cards to guarantee that bakeries produce flour and do not sell it in the black market.

According to the ministry’s plan, citizens will receive bread according to high standards and bakery owners will receive flour for free to sell bread for the subsidized price of .05 EGP (U.S. $.01). As for mills, they will receive wheat and bakery owners will receive the change in the cost of bread, which ranges between .30 EGP and .33 EGP ($.05) from supply goods authority, which is affiliated with the ministry.

Every person will receive about five loaves of bread daily and each family will receive 300 to 500 loaves of bread monthly according to the number of family members.

Each person can get some loaves of bread for daily use or the full month’s ration in a single day. Loaves of bread will be counted as points in the card. Points that are not used can be exchanged with milk, cheese, sugar, tea or oil.

The new system of bread distribution will be applied on April 13 in Port Said as a test of the new system, before being applied in other governorates.

Even citizens who do not have supply cards can receive smart cards with any conditions. There are also cards for receiving rations of bread for hospitals and orphanages.

Government sponsored bakeries are sold flour at 180 EGP (U.S $25) per ton, whereas private bakeries purchase flour at 2,000 EGP ($287) per ton, bakery owner Ashraf A. told The Cairo Post previously.

Additional reporting by Medhat Wahba.

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