Cairo University addresses deployment police inside the campus
Cairo University Clashes - YOUM7/Maher Malak

CAIRO: Cairo University will address next Saturday the interior and higher education ministries, as well as the Giza governor, to activate the deans council’s decision of deploying the police inside the campus, MENA reported on Friday.

Such a move came after the mounting demonstrations at the university which usually revert to clashes between security forces and students.

MENA clarified that such decision was discussed within the board of Cairo University’s meeting held Thursday.

The dean of the Faculty of Law Mahmoud Kebesh told The Cairo Post on Friday that the police will stay inside the campus until the end of the second semester to reassure students and impose security at the university after campus demonstrations.

Kebesh signaled that sowing chaos and sabotaging in the university is a crime.

“The police presence at the university is very important,” Kebesh added.

Kebesh added that the police’s role is to halt any riot acts by some students, clarifying that the student demonstrations should not contain such acts.

He clarified that the university will summon the police not the university police, which are stationed outside the university.

On Oct. 23, 2010, Egypt’s Supreme Administrative Court had issued a verdict ordering a ban on University Police from entering campuses, after they had been accused of targeting students and interfering with their political activities. The March 9 Professors Movement, founded in 2004 by Egyptian professors, had filed the lawsuit which led to the ban.

However, on Feb. 24, the Cairo Court for Urgent Matters had ordered University Police to return to university campuses for the second term, but the police despite the court ruling were keen to station away from the campus and come only in emergencies like for demonstrations. According to university professors the police did not want to provoke students by their presence.

On Wednesday, three explosions took place near Cairo University and caused the death of a police officer and injured five other police officers. None of the culprits have been identified yet.

According to the state run newspaper Al-Ahram, the interior minister is considering to contract with a life insurance company for the police officers after the mounting attacks against them.

On the other side, the head of Suez University stated that the Supreme Council of Universities decided to not hold any conferences for the presidential candidates at universities given the security situation, Al-Ahram reported on Friday.

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