7am News Wrapup April 5

 News & Politics:

Egypt has offered to co-fund the controversial Ethiopian Grand Renaissance Dam on the condition that it co-administers or designs the dam.

Clashes erupted in several different areas across Egypt, including Fayoum, Alexandria and Minya.

Cairo University is to address the Interior and Higher Education Ministries regarding the deployment of police inside the campus.

The Ministry of Supply plans to distribute subsidized bread with smart cards to guarantee that subsidy reaches those who deserve it.


200 artifacts of Pharaoh Tutankhamun’s treasures were transferred to the Grand Egyptian Museum, currently undergoing construction.

Founder of Ghad al-Thawra Party Ayman Nour said he is in Lebanon to have surgery on his right knee and not because he has fled Egypt.

Childhood and Motherhood Council calls for changing the name of “orphan day” to “a day for our children” or “a day for the child spring.”

Editor’s Pick:

Feeding starving horses in Egypt

Carriages and carts fill the streets lining the pyramids in Giza, many idly waiting for tourists to take a picture or a ride. The steady decline of tourism revenues in Egypt has caused unemployment in the tourism sector, but has also put working animals out of commission.

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