Morsi Ithadeya trial adjourned to April 6
Egypt's ousted President Mohammed Morsi during his trial - AP

CAIRO: The trial of former President Mohamed Morsi and 14 others regarding the violence outside Ithadeya palace in December 2012 was postponed Saturday by Cairo Criminal Court to April 6.

The defense team asserted that the prosecution has not allowed them enough time to meet with the defendants, and also called on the court to allow for Morsi to have proper clothers delivered to his cell, adding that he is not allowed to have any personal belongings.

Saturday’s trial session included the screening of a video depicting an interview with the Salafist Nour Party’s assistant to media affairs, Nader Bakkar, aired on Al-Hayah TV channel. During the interview, Bakkar made critical statements aimed at the Brotherhood.

“The Muslim Brotherhood are the first who called on people to protest and that was clear when they threatened to protest and burn everything if the former prime minister Ahmed Shafiq won Egypt’s 2012 presidential election,” Nour said during the interview.

Nour also said that the deputy leader of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood Khairat al-Shater had said before that “opponents were in agreement on the hour to storm the palace.”

In December 2013, the Brotherhood released a statement marking the anniversary of the violent clashes at Ithadeya palace, which said that the trials were part of a conspiracy against the group and the January 25 Revolution.

Morsi is also currently facing charges in three other cases, which include insulting the judiciary, the Wadi al-Natrun prison break, and espionage.

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