Mahlab, Ibrahim in Aswan to resolve violent tribal conflict
Egypt's Prime Minister Ibrahim Mahlab - YOUM7/Sami Waheeb

CAIRO: After 23 were killed in a tribal conflict in Aswan, Prime Minister Ibrahim Mahlab and Interior Minister Mohamed Ibrahim flew to the city to meet with the Governor of Aswan Mostfa Yousri and a number of tribal leaders Saturday, Youm7 reported.

 Fifteen from the Arab tribe Banu-Helal and six from the Nubian tribe Daboud were killed, 50 were injured and 16 houses were burned down earlier on Saturday, according to Youm7. Minister of Local Development Adel Labib will accompany Mahlab and Ibrahim in their attempt to resolve the situation.

 According to Egyptian news websites, offensive graffiti on the walls of a school in Aswan triggered clashes between students, which then escalated to involve the two armed tribes.

 Defense Minister Sedqi Sobhy decided that all injured people would be treated at military hospitals, military spokesperson Ahmed Ali said in a Saturday statement, claiming there are “signs of Muslim Brotherhood involvement in igniting the strife.”

 Mohamed Abdel-Azizi, undersecretary of the Ministry of Endowment in Aswan, told Al-Hayat TV that a teacher who “belongs to the Brotherhood” drew the graffiti that targeted the two tribes.

 Helal al-Dandarawy, a former parliamentarian who was a reconciliation mediator between the two tribes, told Masrawy that  the handwriting used in the graffiti insulting the two tribes was the same, noting that a “third party aimed to create strife.”

 Dandarawy added that youth from Banu-Helal headed to Daboud village with machine guns, killing four people, including a woman. The situation went from bad to worse after that, leading to the death of 23 people.

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