MB not listed as terrorist organization yet: Canadian embassy in Cairo
Canadian Embassy in Cairo - YOUM7 (Archive)

CAIRO:  The Canadian Embassy in Cairo said Saturday that the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) is not yet listed as a terrorist organization in Canada. 

According to the embassy, the process to enlist the Brotherhood as a terrorist organization requires several steps. The embassy elaborated further by saying that the conversation about the Brotherhood being labeled a terrorist group by Canada was initiated by a parliamentarian who issued a report demanding such.

The General Safety Committee will issue a reply to the report as they are responsible for criminal law in Canada, reported Youm7.

The Canadian Cabinet is expected to reply to the parliamentarian’s demand within 45 days, according to a report sent to Youm7 by email from the Canadian embassy in Cairo. In addition, any change in the Canadian list for terrorist organizations must be approved by the Cabinet and published in Canada’s official newspaper in order to be valid.

Regarding reasons that could possibly lead to enlisting the Brotherhood as a terrorist organization in Canada, this depends on information provided by security agencies and law enforcing bodies in addition to the Canadian Ministry of Justice, reported Youm7.

Also, the enlisting takes place if a certain person or organization participates in terrorism, facilitated a terrorist attack, or is affiliated with a terrorist organization, in that case it can be enlisted among terrorism groups list, added Youm7.

Canada has a list of 50 terrorist organizations, which include Al-Qaeda, the Taliban, Gabhat al-Nusrah, Hezbollah, Boko Haram and Al-Jihad, reported Youm7.

The Parliament of Canada’s official website denounced in an April 2 report the death sentenced handed out to over 500 defendants, allegedly pro-Brotherhood, by a Minya court on March 24.

The report also added that the Canadian government is concerned about the Egyptian legal process where large numbers of Brotherhood supporters are sentenced to death without fair trials.

Ikhwan web, the official website for the Brotherhood, announced Saturday that listening the Brotherhood as a terrorist organization in Canada is a complete lie, adding that this rumor is the result of a meeting that took place between a Coptic Egyptian immigrant in Canada who met with a Parliamentary member and spread this rumor in the media.

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