Dutch tourist claims sexual assault by employee at Red Sea hotel
An arrested man - REUTERS

CAIRO: Police forces arrested a hotel employee in Marsa Allam accused of sexually assaulting a Dutch tourist, Youm7 reported on Saturday.

According to a security chief in the Red Sea governorate, a 28-year-old female tourist filed a police report accusing an employee of assaulting her and attempting to rape her.

The suspect, who will be detained for four days pending investigations, denied the charges.

This comes after a recent case of a British tourist, who was allegedly raped by a security guard inside her hotel room in Sharm el-Sheikh, sparked controversy in recent weeks. On March 29, the prosecution authority in Sinai detained a suspect in the case, Youm7 reported.

The suspect claimed that the British woman made advances on him several times until he gave in. According to his story, she became angry because he did not stay with her more than a few minutes.

The security guard was arrested on March 26, on prosecution order, after the Ministry of Interior confirmed “forensic tests were matched to one of the workers in the hotel.”

The Ministry of Tourism had also confirmed the incident, closing down two renowned hotels in Sharm al-Sheikh based on sexual harassment accusations.

Additional reporting by Emad Arafa.

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