Military forces, armored vehicles deployed around Cairo University
Armed Forces near Nahda Square - YOUM7/Islam Osama

CAIRO: Military forces were deployed Sunday to the area surrounding Cairo University to secure the university and nearby Nahda Square, reported Youm7.

The step follows a decision taken by Cairo University to allow security forces to enter the university in the event of violent demonstrations.

The decision has been controversial among many observers who describe it as a violation of the university’s independence, while others praised it, especially after Wednesday’s bombing near the university’s entrance that killed a police officer and injured several others.

Sunday’s security presence coincides with a meeting of Cairo University’s Student Union, which is expected to announce the union’s position on recent events. Secretary General of Cairo University’s Student Union Fatma Ragab told The Cairo Post, “We are conducting a meeting to formulate our position on the recent decision to return security forces to the university.”

A number of student movements issued statements Sunday calling for participation in a human chain to protest university’s decision, as well as to call on Egyptian authorities to release imprisoned students.

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