Aswan groups, parties demand security stop ongoing clashes
Corpses of Aswan violence incidents victims - YOUM7 (Archive)

CAIRO: Saad Hussein, head of the Bani Helal Association of Aswan, blamed the governor of Aswan and security agencies for the ongoing tribal strife in Aswan’s al-Sayl al-Refi village, reported Youm7 on Sunday.

Violent ethnic conflict erupted on Friday between two major families, the Arab clan Bani Helal and the Nubian tribe Daboudia, in Aswan over verbal insults between some students from each group. The clashes resulted in three deaths from Daboudia on Friday, and escalated on Saturday leaving 14 dead from Bani Helal and one from Daboudia, Elbadil reported.

The death toll reached 25 and dozens of injuries on Sunday. Security forces attempted to intervene in the violence by holding reconciliation sessions between both sides.

Five political parties and movements including the Dostour Party and the Popular Current have signed a joint statement denouncing the incidents, reported Youm7.

The statement said the recent clashes demonstrated the failure of state associations and executive agencies in the governorate, and demanded security agencies stop the crisis.

Mohamed Azmy, a Nubian lawyer, tweeted from his Twitter account inflammatory accusations about the Bani Helal group, and also claimed that security forces are biased toward them.

Nubian groups are asking instead for help from the governor and the Armed Forces, he said.

Additional reporting by Eman Ali and Mostafa Abdel Tawab.

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