80 schools closed in Aswan due to tribal clashes
Ministry of Education - YOUM7 (Archive)

CAIRO: 80 schools have been closed on Monday after tribal clashes erupted in Aswan, leaving at least 26 killed and dozens injured since last Friday evening, according to Ministry of Education spokesperson Ahmed Helmy.

The Educational Administration of the Ministry will assign senior instructors to help the teachers in Aswan to compensate the students for their missed lessons, Helmy told The Cairo Post in a phone call Monday.

Helmy noted that 24 schools closed on Sunday after the clashes renewed; however, the number was raised to 80 out of 188 schools throughout the governorate, recording 42 percent of the schools, he added.

The clashes broke out between two major families, the Arab clan of Beni Helal and the Nubian tribe of Daboudia, in Al-Sayl Al-Reefi village.

After long meetings between tribes’ leaders and Aswan governor Mustafa Yousri, both sides reached a 3-day truce on Monday, Youm7 reported.

According to this truce, both tribes will not launch attacks on each other, in addition to releasing the arrested youth from the tribes, except for those who face criminal charges. Further, members from each tribes are not permitted to cut off the roads of the other, and a fact-finding committee is to be formed, according to the truce, Youm7 added.

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