The future of recycling solid waste in Egypt
Urban development minister Laila Iskander - YOUM7 (Archive)

CAIRO: Minister of Environment Laila Iskander held a conference to launch the workshop on the management of factories’ solid waste on Tuesday, which is set to last until Wednesday, CBC Extra reported.

Iskander said during her speech, “We have about one million Egyptians working in the field of packaging and waste management, but the state does not give them attention.”

The Minister added that the government should create a system to benefit from these workers, and she talked about importance of recycling in Egypt, in addition to the importance of separating organic and solid waste at the source.

She indicated that the Federation of Egyptian Industries announced a few days ago that it established a branch for solid waste management.

The Ministry aims, in the future, to stop burning and burying waste, through the national project to manage solid waste.

Iskander explained that if recycling is applied correctly, it will provide new work opportunities and opens the doors to new investments.

The workshop aims to improve the quality of products, to create more eco-friendly goods and make it easier to dispose of them after consumption, Al-Wafd reported.

Many Egyptians and international experts are participating in the workshop, to share experiences from other countries in field of recycling.

The workshop also included discussing the systems of managing electronic waste and the role of the private sector in recycling this kind of waste, according to EgyNews.

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