Political activists must respect judicial verdicts: Egyptian National Movement
Yehia Kadry - YOUM7 (Archive)

CAIRO: Egyptian National Movement Vice President Yehia Kadri denounced Tuesday criticism of Egypt’s judicial system by political activists over the three year sentence given to activists Ahmed Douma and Ahmed Maher.

Kadri told The Cairo Post that judicial verdicts and judges must not be criticized or attacked so that the state of law in Egypt is preserved, adding that the verdicts were issued according to Egyptian law.

Citizens are allowed to criticize a law and ask authorities to amend it, but they should not criticize the judges and their judicial verdicts, said Kadri.

Kadri deplored political activists’ attitude and their negative statements about the Egyptian judicial system, describing such an attitude as “irresponsible.”

When asked about the date of former candidate Mohamed Shafik’s return to Egypt, he said it would be soon.

Kadri told The Cairo Post that the ENM, headed by Shafik, supports Abdel Fatah al-Sisi’s candidacy in presidential elections.

He also said that the party is planning to participate in parliamentary elections when the political scene is more stable.

Doma and Maher were sentenced to three years in prison on Monday on charges of assaulting police officers and orchestrating illegal protests.

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