Ministry of Culture launches nation-wide “Beautiful Egypt” project
Minister of Culture Mohamed Saber Arab - YOUM7 (Archive)

CAIRO: Masr al-Gameela, or “Beautiful Egypt,” is a new cultural awareness project that will begin Wednesday, aiming to use art and culture to help Egypt through its current difficult situation.

In an April 6 press conference, aired by ONtv, Minister of Culture Mohamed Saber Arab announced the launch of “cultural convoys” under the name Masr al-Gameela.

Masr al-Gameela aims to raise Egyptians’ cultural awareness through workshops, seminars, artistic performances, exhibitions, and other events.

Arab said during the conference that Egypt is going through a difficult situation, and art and culture will play a role in facing that situation. Various sectors in the ministry are cooperating across the country to organize tours and artistic performances, he said.

The ministry aims to “enhance the state of art in Egypt with these cultural convoys, in addition to [fostering a] spirit of belonging and nationalism,” Arab said. The project also targets youth, as they are the “true power” that can rebuild the country and “direct it to the correct path,” the minister added.

Masr al-Gamila will begin April 9 and will last through June 15. It will hold events in many Egyptian governorates, including the Sinai.

The Cultural Development Fund and General Authority for Cultural Palaces are participating in the program, which also has support from the ministries of Youth and Tourism, Youm7 reported last week.

Some 4,000 artists will participate in the project, which the ministry predicts will spark a cultural awakening, al-Wafd reported Saturday.

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