76 percent of Egyptians see women as fit for politics: poll

CAIRO: 76 percept of Egyptians think that women in society are capable of assuming leadership roles in politics, such as president, prime minister and parliament speaker, while 24 percent believe that women do not have the ability to be in any leadership positions, according to a new poll by Ibn Khaldoun Center for Development Studies published Tuesday.

The poll results showed that 55 percent of 3,000 interviewed believe that women are not capable of being president of the country, compared to 45 percent who support women assuming such a position.

As for the post of premier, 69 percent see women as fit for the post while 31 percent disagree.

64 percent of Egyptians believe women are fit for the position of Parliament Speaker, while 36 percent disagree.

“Women, in light of the new constitution, enjoy their political rights legally, but in reality we still suffer from marginalizing their roles,” said Dalia Zeyada, Ibn Khadoun’s executive manager.

Although women played a great role in politics during the constitutional referendum in January, Egypt needs to rehabilitate women’s positions in society so that they may assume such posts and enhance the culture of equality, said Zeyada.

Bothaina Kamel was the first women to run for president in presidential elections in 2012; however, in 2014, Mona el-Leithy Nasef announced on the TV talk show El-Ashera Massaan on April 5 that she will enter the presidential race.

However, in a poll conducted by Baseera Center for Public Opinion Research on August 5, regarding women’s participation in the former administration of the interim government, in which three female ministers were appointed, 61 percent of Egyptians believe that three female ministers are enough, compared to 16 percent who say the number is small.

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