Finland ready to export education system to Egypt
Finnish Minister of Education and Science Krista Kiuru - AFP

HELSINKI: Finnish Minister of Education and Science Krista Kiuru, whose country is believed to have one of the world’s best performing education systems, said Finland is ready to export its education model to the world, including Egypt.

During a meeting with an international press delegation comprised of journalists from seven countries that wish to restructure their education systems, namely Egypt, U.S., Britain, France, India, Russia, Ukraine and Turkey, the minister said Finland is ready to cooperate with Egypt and exchange expertise in the field of education and all other possible domains.

Finland can establish, within the framework of exporting its education system, Finnish schools in several nations including Egypt, she said.

Education in Finland always comes first and is not affected by politics, she said, adding that it is a system with no tuition fees and is based on equality regardless of economic or social differences among the students.

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