African Union delegation denied request to meet Morsi: NASL
Former Mali President Omar Konary - YOUM7/Hisham Said

CAIRO: An African Union delegation held a closed four-hour meeting with the leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood’s National Alliance Supporting Legitimacy in a hotel on Wednesday, Youm7 reported.

Brotherhood leaders Mohammed Ali Beshr, Magdy Qorqor, Omar Azzam, Mohamed Abdel Latif and Hoda Abdel-Moniem met with former Mali President Omar Konary about the situation in Egypt.

“We emphasized respecting peacefulness. We seek a comprehensive solution to the current crises in Egypt, but the ‘other side’ insists on the security solution and framing cases,” spokesperson of the National Alliance Supporting Legitimacy Omar Azzam told The Cairo Post.

Azzam said in a press conference that the delegation asked Egyptian authorities to meet with ousted president Mohamed Morsi, but their request was denied, along with their request to meet with imprisoned Brotherhood leaders.

He told The Cairo Post the delegation offered to talk to the Ethiopian government about conflict with Nile Basin countries and the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam crisis “to limit harm to all sides.” The delegation said they hope during their next visit to find an improvement in Egypt’s economy, politics and tourism, he said.

“The delegation said there are obstacles in the path of democracy in Egypt,” he added.

Azzam said he did not discuss the upcoming presidential elections with the African delegation because the alliance does not support a particular candidate and has not decided to present a candidate thus far.

He added in a press statement after the meeting that the African delegation said they are being pressured by several international sides to welcome Egypt back to the African Union.

The April 6 Youth Movement said Tuesday that the African Union delegation demanded that interim President Adly Mansour release the three imprisoned activists Ahmed Doma, Ahmed Maher and Mohamed Adel, who are sentenced to three years for violating a protest law that prohibits spontaneous protest, Al-Masry Al-Youm reported.

Additional reporting by Mohamed Hagag.

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