Population growth is major challenge for new president: official
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CAIRO: Head of the Central Agency for Public Mobilization and Statistics (CAPMAS) Maj. Abu Bakr El Gendy told various media outlets on Wednesday that the population increase will be a major challenge for the next president, pointing out that the current rate of population growth is unprecedented and beyond Egypt’s capacity.

“The higher the rates of poverty in the community, the greater the rate of population increase,” Gendy said, adding that people should be aware of the dangers of population increase, Al Shourok reported.

Upper Egypt, the poorest region in Egypt, makes up 25 percent of the total population, and has birth rates up to 42 percent, Gendy said.

In an interview with ONtv, Gendy attributed the high increase in birth rate in poor areas to a lack of awareness, and said the population rate problem can be addressed with increased social awareness.

The population growth rate in Egypt has increased by 2.5 percent at a time when the population growth rate in industrial countries totals .6 percent and in developing countries is at 1.5 percent, Gendy added.

This is the greatest challenge for Egypt at this current time, he said, particularly since the economic growth rate dropped to two percent in 2013.

In March 1, 2013, Egypt’s population totaled 84 million, 51.1 percent male and 48.9 percent female, CAPMAS calculated. And the number of Egyptians living abroad is eight million, Youm7 reported.

The Cairo governorate has the greatest population density, 10.7 percent, Giza has 8.6 percent, followed by Sharqia at 7.4 percent density.

The South Sinai governorate has the lowest rate of population density, .2 percent, and Wadi Gadid has only .3 percent, despite being the largest sized governorate in Egypt, Youm7 reported.

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