Canadian Parliament denies designating MB as terrorist organization
Canadian Parliament - AFP

CAIRO: The Canadian Parliament did not classify Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organization on April 3, according to the parliament’s information service.

The information service told The Cairo Post a parliament member presented a petition on behalf of hundreds of Canadians who want the Canadian government to designate Egypt’s Brotherhood as a terrorist organization.

The presentation of the petition did not mean that the parliament designated or will designate the Brotherhood as a terrorist organization.

“The deputy, whose role is to present the petition on behalf of the signatories, is not obliged to agree with the content of the petition that he presents,” said the Canadian Parliament’s Information Service. “There is no reason to assume that the parliament decided to designate the Brotherhood as a terrorist organization.”

Several Egyptian newspapers and TV channels reported last Thursday that the Canadian Parliament decided to designate the Muslim Brotherhood a “terrorist” organization.

Newspapers and TV channels that reported the story based the information off of comments made by Sherif Sabawy, a member of the Canada Liberal Party, who claimed that the Canadian Parliament voted to blacklist the Brotherhood almost unanimously.

The rumor also reached the Tagammu Party, as spokesperson Nabil Zaki welcomed the Canadian Parliament’s decision to designate the Brotherhood as a “terrorist” organization while the Brotherhood-aligned National Alliance to Support Legitimacy denounced the decision.

The Brotherhood was designated a “terrorist organization” by the Egyptian government on Dec. 25, 2013, and Saudi Arabia blacklisted the group as well on March 7.

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