Juba complains to Security Council over Sudan violations
South Sudanese government forces from - AP

KHARTOUM: South Sudan submitted on Thursday a statement to Haile Menkerios, head of the U.N. Office to the African Union and special envoy for Sudan and South Sudan, in which it accused the Sudan’s armed forces of conducting “unusual movements” along the border.

A spokesman for the Sudanese Armed Forces (SAF) Colonel Al-Sawarmi Khaled Saad hit back at Juba’s accusations saying that Khartoum has been monitoring the ongoing war in South Sudan and that its position remained the same which is seeking to see an end to the crisis and to lay the foundations for security and stability with an emphasis on the legitimacy of Juba’s government.

Saad said in a statement released on Wednesday that SAF was taken by surprise upon hearing SPLA’s allegations and remarks by other South Sudanese officials which he said included lies and claims that lack credibility and plausibility in which they accused the Sudanese army of making hostile movements along the borders between the two countries.

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