Protest erupt in Cairo against protest law
Activists Ahmed Douma, Ahmed Maher, and Mohamed Adel during the trial - YOUM7/Maher Iskandar

CAIRO:  The April 6 Youth Movement launched demonstrations in Tahrir Square against the protest law, Thursday evening.

“This law is for the military…so they can have more and more power” is the translation of the chanted slogan, which the movement posted on its twitter account.

The gathering began in front of the Press Syndicate, where the movement held a conference to organize the protests. April 6 and other activists and movements such as the Freedom for the Brave, which calls for the release of political detainees, are took part in the protests.

Activist Nourhan Hefzy and other activists and politicians planned the demonstration in support of Hefzy’s husband Ahmed Doma, who is currently in prison, and was turned into a bigger call for the release of all detainees and against the protest law, as Samia Jaheen, member of the Freedom for the Brave described it.

“There are 23,000 people in jail. Most of them were detained and are facing charges on the basis of the protest law,” April 6 posted on twitter, with a hashtag which translates into “release Egypt” and a petition to abolish the law.

The protest law, which entered into force in November 2013, prohibits any political demonstrations without security force approval. All protests must submit an application in advance, and on the day the law entered into force, a number of students and protesters were arrested outside the Shura Council.

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