Child found hanged in foster care, mother claims murder
Hany's mother - YOUM7

CAIRO: An 11-year-boy named Hany was found dead by hanging inside his room Thursday at a foster care house in Zagazig, in Sharqia, according to media reports.  

His mother told Youm7 that she received a telephone call from the supervisor of the institution telling her that her son “was suffering some seizures, without informing me of his death.”

A Forensic Medical Authority autopsy did not find assault marks on the body, so authorities did not assert the child was killed, Vetogate reported. Police asked his mother to sign a document stating her son died from a heart attack, said the mother, who is also illiterate, Youm7 reported.

His divorced mother had put him in a foster house because she “could not take care of his expenses and because he was trouble,” she told Youm7. “I was informed by the prosecution that my son was hanged and had an injury on his head.”

The initial forensic report stated that it could not be proven if the incident was criminal or suicide, and that his body was under the control of the prosecution.

But the mother accused people in the foster care house of murdering her son.

The house supervisor, Mahmoud el-Meslemany, said that Hany came to the house four months ago, and he did not behave well. He said the house employees “treat all the children well.”

The prosecution issued a warrant permitting the burial of the child following the autopsy, ONews Agency reported.

Several of Hany’s peers said they were surprised when they found him hanging in the morning, after they woke up, and said they did not know anything more about the incident.

Additional reporting by Fathia al-Deeb.

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