Salafist Call to support President who applies Islamic Sharia: Borhami
Yasser Borhami - YOUM7/Hussein Tallal

CAIRO: Deputy head of the Salafist Call Yasser Borhami, said that the movement will choose the candidate who will apply Islamic Sharia, in a conference Thursday evening.

He added during the conference held by the Salafist in Alexandria entitled “Preserving our countries and communities” that “the president should also be ready to handle the Islamists for the sake of an inclusive homeland.”

The Salafist Call has not yet decided on a presidential candidate to support, Borhami said. He noted that the “Salafist Call will guide people to the best candidate at this stage, as well as the pros and cons of each candidate running for president.”

Morsi was not the Caliph of the Muslims, but a  president for Egypt, who promised to take care of people’s interests, but was not able to do so, and thus, people came out in the streets to demand his removal,” Borhami added.

“A group of  preachers affiliated to the Salafist Call were sent to Aswan in attempt at  reconciliation between the two families,” Borhami continued in the conferenc, referring to the armed conflict between two families in Aswan’s Al-Sayl Al-Reefi village that left 27 dead since Friday. Of those killed, 15 were from Beni-Helal family and another six were Nubians from Daboudia village.

Borhami also announced, at the end of the conference, that the Salafist Call and  the Nour Party will publish a book on Egypt’s current events and clarifying their political stances without any media distortion.

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