3 arrested following Aswan violence
Egyptian Security forces - REUTERS/Amr Abdallah Dalsh

CAIRO:  Three suspects were arrested in Aswan, accused of inciting violence between two tribes that killed 24 last week, reported ONTV.

The conflict between Beni-Helal and Daboudia tribes began on April 4 ended after the two sides reached a truce mediated by families’ leaders and Governor Mustafa Yousri, and it was announced April .

ON TV reported that one of the suspects is a teacher in the school where the conflict began; the teacher is suspected of writing offensive phrases on a wall, which provoked a response from the other family.

A delegate from Al-Azhar that arrived Aswan yesterday to spread the principles of forgiveness, and the truce is expected to last for a month.

The dean of the Faculty of Islamic Studies in Mansoura, Mohamed el-Amir, said that Azhar mission will continue their efforts until achieving reconciliation, Sada el-Balad reported Friday.

The governor decided that all schools will be opened Saturday after they were closed due to the clashes, adding that 25 schools in the surrounding area of the conflict will be secured by the police to ensure the safety of students and teachers,  Shorouk reported today.

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