Police arrest Mahienour el-Masry for protesting during Khaled Said trial
Mahienour el-Masry - Photo courtesy of 5bre.com

CAIRO: Detective officers at Mansheya police station detained on Friday the political activist Mahienour el-Masry, accusing her of violating the protest law, reported Youm7.

Masry was arrested by police while she was in a clothing store in Mohram Bey District in Alexandria, activist lawyer Amro Ali said on Twitter.

Ali said that she had been wanted by police when the policemen arrested her after the court of Alexandria sentenced her and 7 other political activists in absentia to two years in prison and a 50,000 EGP (U.S. $7,000) fine for violating the controversial protest law and protesting without a prior permit, Yanair news website reported.

Masry was referred to the general prosecution on Saturday to investigate with her for demonstrating during the retrial of police personnel charged with the manslaughter of Khaled Said, Youm7 reported.

Khaled Said was a young political activist who died under disputed circumstances in Alexandria on June 6, 2010 while in police custody. Khaled’s death is considered one of the motivating factors which led to Egypt’s January 25 Revolution.

Others currently serving time for violating the protest law include the April 6 Movement’s founder Ahmed Maher, and other political activists, such as Ahmed Doma and Mohamed Adel.

In March, the April 6 Movement launched a new campaign to petition for the repeal of the protest law.

The petition has gathered 405 signatures, with prominent figures signing the petition, including Head of the Dostour Party Hala Shukrallah, April 6’s spokesperson said.

The movement declared week-long demonstrations against the protest law on April 10, after Tora Prison’s Misdemeanor Court of Appeals approved the three-year prison sentences issued for political activists Doma, Maher and Adel.

Additional reporting by Hanaa Abo Al-Ezz.

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