Bassem Youssef mocks expected election results, coal, energy crisis
Bassem Youssef - YOUM7 (Archive)

CAIRO: Satirist Bassem Youssef’s latest episode of El Bernameg poked fun at the expected results of the upcoming presidential election, saying that “it is too difficult to predict which candidate will be the president in this year’s election.”

Sisi is widely expected to win the upcoming presidential election by a landslide victory, after announcing on March 26 that he will run for president.

“Egypt’s problems were settled by Sisi simply by declaring that he would run for president. No one has any problems anymore, ” Youssef joked.

Youssef also mocked the previous attempts to disrupt the airing of  his program, saying “Today we are celebrating the 10th episode of  the third season with no disruptions.”

“It feels strange when you make a program and it simply broadcasts,” Youssef continued, inviting copious laughter from the audience.

Youssef further continued his biting mockery of Egyptian media, poking fun at  television hosts Amany el- Khayat, Ahmed Moussa, Amr Adeeb and Mostafa Bakry, and criticizing their political stances during the ongoing events.

“I do not know why people envy my program, when there are other people who will win the the presidential elections without having a program or a plan,” Youssef said, referring to Sisi’s campaign.

Youssef discussed the contradictory statements made by television hosts with regards to the energy crisis, both before and after the events of June 30.

The impacts of coal on Egypt’s environment and citizen’s health were also discussed during Friday’s episode.

Youssef hosted Ahmed Droubi , the coordinator of Egyptians Against Coal, who affirmed that coal usage in Egypt is “a major disaster,” noting that the most countries consuming coal seek to cut its use despite having great reserves, due to the major hazards it poses.

Youssef also promised, during the program aired Friday, to air a powerful episode about the presidential candidates before Easter.

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