Morsi’s Ithadeya case adjourned to Sunday
Former president Mohamed Morsi During His Trial - YOUM7 (Archive)

CAIRO: Cairo Criminal Court adjourned on Saturday the trial of former President Mohamed Morsi and 14 Muslim Brotherhood members, accused of killing and inciting murder against protesters at Ithadeya Palace, to Sunday.

During Saturday’s closed hearing session, the court was scheduled to hear the testimonies of 15 of the prosecution’s witnesses in the trial. It was reported that the former Interior Minister Ahmed Gamal el-Din, one of the witnesses, did not attend the hearing, according to Youm7.

The defendants are accused of killing and inciting to kill protesters outside the Ithadeya Presidential Palace on Dec. 5, 2012, amid the clashes that erupted between the Brotherhood supporters and the protesters.

The clashes, which left 10 dead and dozens injured, took place on the sidelines of mass demonstrations, which broke out against the constitutional declaration which was announced by Morsi in Nov. 2012.

The constitutional declaration sought to grant immunity to Morsi’s decisions against judicial appeals, creating a wide controversy among Egyptians.

Additional reporting by Mohamed Abdel Raziq, Rany Mostafa and Ehab el-Mohandes.

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