Azhar forms committee to reconcile Aswan tribes
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CAIRO: Azhar grand Imam Ahmed al-Tayeb visited Aswan Saturday, amid efforts to reconcile two feuding Aswan tribes whose quarrel was responsible for 26 deaths and scores of injuries last week.

Tayeb formed a fact-finding committee based in Aswan under the supervision of the governor, tasked with investigation as well as mediating reconciliation, he said in a press conference broadcasted from Aswan Saturday evening.

The conference was attended by both parties of the conflict, the Bani-Helal and the Daboud tribes, who welcomed Tayeb’s initiatives, and “were serious about avoiding more bloodshed,” Tayeb said, adding that they committed to follow the committee’s future recommendations.

“We don’t want to classify people by tribe or ethnicity. Islam does not promote a group of people over another,” Tayeb said during the conference.

Media first attributed the clashes to the Muslim Brotherhood, then said the fight had erupted over “offensive slogans” by children.

In a televised coverage broadcast on April 8, members from both families blamed security forces, claiming that they have called for rescue more than once without response.

Politicians and activists have also pointed fingers to the security system in Egypt. “The loose security system of the state in fighting violence, arm and drug deals, and the neglect of Upper Egypt, are the main reasons behind that violence,” Ahmed Bahaa el-Din, head of the Egyptian Socialist Party, told Al-Shorouq news website Saturday.

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