Freedom Marathon against protest law kicks off Saturday
6 April Protest against protest law - YOUM7/Emad Abdelrahman

Cairo: The April 6 Youth Movement kicked off two weeks of demonstrations against the protest law with a “Freedom Marathon” Saturday.

Dozens of movement members assembled today front of the Cairo Opera House in Giza, to participate in the “marathon,” as the group termed it in a statement, which involved walking through downtown, then holding a press conference at the Press Syndicate.

The movement announced it is planning human chains across all governorates from April 22-26, as well as a women’s sit-in outside Ithadeya Wednesday, demanding the law be repealed.

The protest law, which entered into force in November 2013, prohibits any political demonstrations without security force approval. All protests must submit an application in advance, and on the day the law entered into force, a number of students and protesters were arrested outside the Shura Council.

The group also plans to hold another press conference on Sunday to discuss violations against inmates in prisons.

Sherif el-Rouby, a member of front told The Cairo Post the activities would pave the way to the big demonstrations which are slated to be on 26 April.

April 6members Ahmed Maher and Mohamed Adel, Ahmed Doma in additions to the activist Alaa Abdel Fattah were arrested in November, accused of protesting without permit and violating the protest law.

Maher, Adel and Doma were sentenced to three years in jail and have filed an appeal. Abdel Fattah was released March 23 on 10,000EGP (U.S. $1,400) bail pending investigations into his case.

Alaa Abdel Fattah, Laila el-Sewaif, in addition to other political activists participated in the Marathon, Youm7 reported.

Nourhan Hefzy, Doma’s wife, announced during the press conference that her husband, Maher and Adel will enter a hunger strike in the next week until the law is repealed.

Additional reporting by Reham el-Masry and Amira el-Fekki 

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