Children detained at Koum el-Dekka are endangered, activist groups
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CAIRO: Freedom for the Brave issued a distress call confirming that children detained at Koum el-Dekka are in great danger, according to activist Nahla el-Nemr’s statement to Al-Mesreyoon news website on April 11.

Nemr stated that children arrested and kept in custody in the detention at Koum el-Dekka have mumps and other contagious skin diseases because of their detention in narrow prison cells, where there is no exposure to sunlight or ventilation.

Further, children suffer from negligence, as the people responsible for the detention neglect the children’s hygiene. The children are made to wear dirty clothes, worn by tens of children before them, and are forced to crawl on wet floors without changing their clothes, which leads to illnesses, Nemr continued.

Further, a Facebook page called “Salakhanet Atfal Koum el-Dekka,” which translates to ‘The Koum el-Dekka Children’s Slaughterhouse,’ also issued a statement on April 9, announcing that 12 children detained at the detention of Koum el-Dekka are infected with mumps. Meanwhile the director of the fevers hospital refused to treat them because he considers them to be “terrorists,” according to the defense team of the children, who said that the hospital refused to allow them inside.

The page added that ten detainees suffer from poisoning, and have not been offered any medical care until now. The defense team holds the Alexandria Security Directorate and the Ministry of Interior responsible for anything that happens to the children due to negligence, and demanded immediate medical care for them.

The Egyptian Center for Economic and Social Rights (ECESR) lawyers issued a report to the East Alexandria Prosecution to release 10 children detained in Koum el-Dekka. The prosecution issued a decree to take whatever necessary measures and to allow the children to be examined and treated, according to Sout al-Umma website on April 10.

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