Human rights activists demand President postpone terrorism law
Interim President Adly Mansour - YOUM7

CAIRO: The recently drafted terrorism law has been fiercely criticized by human rights activists, who considers it to be a setback from any progress towards freedom of speech.

The new anti-terrorism draft law is not appropriate for the current period, and interim President Adly Mansour should not ratify the law, until the election of a new parliament, human rights activist, Negad el-Boraie said Saturday.

He added that Egypt has many strict laws to confront terrorism, and as such needs only to activate those laws to end violence and terrorism in the streets, reported Youm7.

Passing the protest law without taking human rights into consideration could lead Egypt to a “new oppressive regime,” Boraie stated.

He added that human rights associations will denounce the law and it will launch an international dialogue if the President ratifies it.

The new terrorism law will include government control of social networks, such as Facebook and Twitter, if users are seen to be spreading views thought to incite terrorist acts.

The law criminalizes any individual or group that aims to disrupt public order or slander, as stated in the first article. Moreover, it considers financing terrorism as any form of direct or indirect, domestic or foreign, legal or illegal funding of terrorist activities.

Further, the new counter-terrorism articles in Egypt’s penal code would limit freedom of expression and imprison opponents and critics if adopted, Amnesty International said in a Friday statement.

The Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights issued a report signed by over 20 human rights organization condemning the draft law.

“Human rights organizations warn that the new counter-terrorism law would re-establish the foundations of a police state and intensify violence and terrorism,” the report said.

Additional reporting by Mohamed Reda.

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