EIPET halts work completely due to workers’ strikes
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CAIRO: The board of directors of the  Egyptian-Indian Polyester (EIPET) company in the Suez Gulf region decided Saturday evening to halt work completely at the company due to an open  strike and sit-in by workers demanding their financial and administrative dues, Youm7 reported.

After an agreement between the Third Field Army’s leaders and EIPET to appoint a number of manpower officials to solve the problems, EIPET’s board of directors violated the agreement and decided to halt work completely.

The Third Field Army’s leaders were directed last Wednesday to EIPET’s headquarters to resolve the crisis and to secure the company. The assistant of the Third Field Army commander, Maj. Mohammed Shams, held number of meetings with EIPET officials to solve the workers’ problems and to end the workers’ strike.

About 450 workers decided to go on an open strike to protest against what they described as the arbitrary dismissal of one of the workers without previous investigations, stating that the worker had not committed any violations, Egypt News Gate reported Wednesday.

Additionally, they protested against the EIPET’s board of directors’ refusal to cash their due allowances and bonuses, the workers said.

Meanwhile EIPET’s board of directors said, “We did not fire any workers, we only referred one of the violators to the legal affairs department for investigations,” Egypt News Gate reported.

On the other hand, EIPET workers refused Saturday to meet Minister of Manpower Nahed al-Ashry, in objection to the minister’s refusal to meet their delegation, along with members of the Egyptian Federation of Independent Trade Unions in Suez, Al-Shorouk reported Saturday.

70 percent of EIPET is owned by an Indian investor, while the remaining 30 percent is owned by the Egyptian Petrochemical Holding Company.

Additional reporting by Mohammed Kamal.

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