Clashes at different universities, excessive security presence
Protests in Al-Azhar University - YOUM7/Saied Rabie

CAIRO: Clashes erupted Sunday at different universities across Egypt amid an excessive presence of security forces attempting to control the situation by firing tear gas.

The Student Union of the Engineering Faculty at Ain Shams University organized a human chain Monday to reject recent violations by security forces inside university campuses, according to a Sunday statement from the union.

“The universities turned a place of knowledge into security camps, where extortion, detention and murder are allowed,” read the statement, arguing that what they called “desperate attempts to recall the old security grip to oppress students.”

The union’s Facebook page published Saturday a video of security forces attacking Ain Shams University campus, where students appeared to be running away from tear gas fired by the forces.

On Sunday a state of back and forth took place after clashes erupted between protesting students and others within the vicinity of Ain Shams University, reported Youm7. Both sides threw stones at the other and fired fireworks.

Another march started from outside the building of the Dentistry Faculty, where they repeated chants against the army and the police.

Al-Azhar University also witnessed clashes between students and central security forces, after students blocked two streets near the university prompting forces to interfere and attempt to control the situation by firing tear gas.

Youm7 also reported that in Sharqia a number of protesting students gathered outside the Engineering Faculty of Zagazig University, giving the four-finger Raba’a al-Adawiya salute.

Clashes also took place between protesting students and administrative security personnel at Mansoura University in Dakahlia, according to Youm7.

The last few months have witnessed escalated demonstrations at universities, mostly organized by the National Alliance to Support Legitimacy, resulting in several deaths and injuries.

The alliance’s demonstrations, which launched on Sunday and Wednesday, demand the release of detained students and condemn excessive violence used by security forces in dealing with students.


Additional Reporting by Ismail Refaat, Mahmoud Ragheb, Nada Selim and Sherif el-Deeb.

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