7am News Wrapup April 14

News & Politics:

The Ministry of Interior said that the use of rape in Egypt “as a weapon” against dissident groups is “groundless allegations and rumors.”

Prominent Ansar Bayt al-Maqdis member is under investigation in Cairo.

Muslim Brotherhood member was killed outside of the Imbaba police station by a police officer after confrontation.

Vice Chairman of the Union of Egyptian Archaeologists Ayman Waziry denied rumors of artifacts being stolen from the Luxor Museum, calling it a “farce.”


Minister of Supply Khaled Hanafy announced that a pilot scheme of the new government’s smartcard subsidy system for bread was launched Saturday in Port Said.


Another memorandum will be signed with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Monday following a memorandum of understanding signed Sunday between the European Union and the Supreme Presidential Electoral Commission.

The High Presidential Election Commission is eager to inform the public that Egypt is moving forward along its roadmap with “steady and democratic steps.”

Editor’s Pick:

Egyptian film Halawit Rouh (Sweetness of a Spirit) sparks upset over its depiction of children and sexuality.

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