UAE’s aide to Egypt will not continue forever: Al-Jaber
United Arab Emirates' Minister of State Sultan Ahmed Al-Jaber - Photo courtesy of roayahnews

CAIRO: United Arab Emirates’ Minister of State Sultan Ahmed Al-Jaber, said Monday that the UAE’s aide to Egypt is limited, and will not continue forever.

Al-Jaber added, during his interview with the UAE’s Al-Roaya newspaper, that the current priority is to complement the developmental projects that have been agreed upon with the Egyptian side, as well as developing a comprehensive and integrated plan that aims at reviving the Egyptian economy.

“Eight million Egyptian citizens are now taking advantage of the Emirati aid program,” Al-Jaber said.

Al-Jaber emphasized that the UAE’s support is not aimed at supporting a certain political candidate against another, but aims to back Egypt to restore its pivotal role in the Middle East.”

He also added that the UAE implements projects for the purpose of  serving the Egyptian people, including developing infrastructure, and construction projects related to housing, education, health, and food security projects, noting that the total value of the Emirates aid allocated for the completion of these projects in late 2014 to mid 2015, is estimated at U.S. $7.447 billion.

“Cooperation ties between the UAE and Egypt were deep rooted, since the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al-Nahyan had established the relations, and they are not related to a certain political stage,” Al-Jaber said.

“The UAE carried out an integrated recovery plan for Egypt’s economy to restore it back to sustainable growth”, Al Jaber had told Al-Ahram on March 23,noting that “the UAE is ready to cooperate fully to push forward the economic growth in Egypt.”

The Gulf states’ financial support filled a prominent gap for Egypt after the United States announced the suspension of their aid to Egypt, including deliveries of tanks, fighter aircrafts, helicopters and missiles as well as U.S. $260 million in cash aid following the ouster of former President Mohamed Morsi. Meanwhile, Egypt received support from Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates.

Further, the UAE has embarked on implementing development and service projects in Egypt since the ouster of Morsi in July, including a major housing project announced by Field Marshal Abdel Fatah al-Sisi, aimed at lower-income people.

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