“Save Cairo” initiative aims to protect ancient buildings in Egypt’s capital
Photo courtesy of Save Cairo Face book page

CAIRO: Due to the continuous violations that target ancient monuments in Egypt,   “Save Cairo” was launched aiming to defend architectural heritage in the Egyptian capital, CBC aired in a report on Saturday.

Omnia Abd el-Bar, a member in the initiative, explained that constructions near the monuments could cause them to collapse.

There are no accurate statistics regarding the violations that affect monuments, which include mosques, according to Salah Adel, another member in “Save Cairo.”

He added that some mosques suffer from neglect, in addition to the theft of historical texts in them.

The Egyptian Creativity Front released a statement on Facebook on Monday, saying “the front denounces the Ministries of Antiquities and Culture for what is happening in Fustat.”

The front added that the Ministry of Antiquities allowed this region to be transformed into a park against the law, neglecting the fact that it is considered to be one of the most important regions in Egypt that contains Islamic monuments.

In the statement, the front said that some experts also stated that constructing a park in that historical place could destroy monuments due to watering.

El-Badil reported on Monday that the governorate of Cairo started on the same day to fill up the remaining land of Fustat, Egypt’s first Islamic capital, which is estimated to be seven acres.

Smarat Hafez, Head of Islamic Antiquities Sector in the Ministry of Antiquities, told El-Badil that a ministerial committee inspected the location to protect it from waste, adding that the park is temporary and it will be planted with Cactus to limit groundwater.

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