Used car parts importers meet with ECA about import ban
Photo courtesy of eliteusedautoparts

CAIRO: The Egyptian Customs Authority (ECA) and used car parts importers agreed on Tuesday to ban the import of truck cabins, and to allow the import of engines of private cars and vans, according to an ECA press release.

The decision came after Egyptian Customs Authority head Mohamed al-Salhawy met with a number of used car part importers to discuss their views about a recent decision of to ban used car parts, according to the press release, posted on the ECA homepage.

The ECA issued the decision in February to prevent the import of used cars because some were found to be used in “terrorist” attacks, El Tawkeel newspaper reported. The ECA and the Ministry of Trade also decided on March 15 to extend the ban to the import of truck and van cabins, except for cabins used in passenger buses or cars, it reported.

Used car parts retailers protested against the ban in front of the Ministry of Finance, and demanded a 60-day grace period to settle their financial situations and to dismantle existing cabins into small pieces in order to import them, according to media reports.

They also protested against the assigning of Port Said ports to receive such freight, arguing that it could increase the cost of auto parts.

Salhawy said the authority is coordinating with the Ministry of Trade to release the existing freights of used car parts to prevent retailer loses.

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  1. Alton
    May 1, 2014 at 12:54 pm

    I think the decision of ECA is correct because used car parts are dangerous to import and should be ban to stop terrorist attacks.

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