Nubian youth demand exit of Aswan governor
Governor of Aswan Mostfa Yousri - YOUM7

CAIRO: Nubian youth movements demanded Tuesday the dismissal of Aswan’s governor and security officials, accusing them of neglecting the tribal violence that began April 4 in al-Sayl al-Refi village that left 25 dead and tens injured.

Al-Badeel’s reporter in Aswan Ibrahim al-Agami told The Cairo Post that the conflict erupted when students from both ethnic groups exchanged verbal insults, which escalated into an armed conflict between two families in the al-Sayl al-Refi area.

Nubian youth movements and organizations held a conference Tuesday to discuss the crisis, reported Youm7.

They accused the Ministry of Interior of inflating charges against people without evidence to “satisfy their leaders who are afraid to be dismissed from their positions.”

The director of security neglected calls from Nubians to interfere before the clashes but they didn’t move and within hours “the massacre happened,” movements said during the conference.

In a televised coverage April 8, members from both families blamed security forces, claiming that they had called for rescue more than once without response.

During the conference, Nubian youth movements demanded accountability from the Aswan governor, leaders at the governorate, for “not doing their job in stopping bloodshed.”

The conference concluded with a demand for the Minister of Justice to investigate in the case as well as forming a fact-finding committee from the Lawyers Syndicate.

Furthermore, they demanded releasing those who were arrested randomly without evidence, in addition to disarming both parties and intensify the presence of security forces.

Both Prime Minister Ibrahim Mahlab and Interior Minister Mohamed Ibrahim flew to the city to meet with the Governor of Aswan Mostfa Yousri following the violence to meet with a number of tribal leaders to settle the dispute, and a truce was signed on April 7.

Azhar grand Imam Ahmed al-Tayeb visited Aswan on April 13, and he announced he had formed a fact-finding committee in Aswan under the supervision of the governor, tasked with investigation as well as mediating reconciliation.

The Tuesday conference was attended by both parties of the conflict, the Bani-Helal and the Daboudi tribes, who “were serious about avoiding more bloodshed,” Tayeb said, adding that they committed to follow the committee’s future recommendations.

Additionally reporting by Mahmoud Hussein

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