Clashes outside Al-Azhar, Cairo and Ain Shams universities
Clashes between security forces and Pro-Muslim Brotherhood students - YOUM7/Mostafa Darwish

CAIRO:  Pro-Muslim Brotherhood students set fire to a police vehicle while demonstrating today in front of the Faculty of Languages ​​and Translation at Al-Azhar University, Youm7 reported.

The areas surrounding the University witnessed clashes between the students and the police, after a march blocked Autostrad Road.

Security forces fired tear gas bombs while the MB supporters fired fireworks. The faculty cafeteria was burned during the clashes, reported Youm7.

The Dean of Faculty of Women at Ain Shams University, Omnia el-Gendy, told Youm7 the faculty witnessed protests, and security employee was injured in his eye, and she called the university management to interfere due to the lack of security forces.

Furthermore, the female MB students blocked Youssef Abaas Road causing traffic conjunction which caused arguments between one of the citizens and students

Protests have become common on university campuses, despite a protest law which prohibits demonstrations without official permission.

Education Minister Wael el-Degwy said Saturday the law would be applied inside the university campuses, following a workshop at Cairo University.

Degwy said that the ministry hoped “not to be forced to allow police” to enter campus during exams, and said that violence would be faced “fiercely.”

Additional reporting by Mahmoud Raghed, Ismail Refaat, Wael Rabeei, Nada Selim and Hani Mohamed.

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