Agriculture Ministry to establish farm for 3M olives trees in Sinai
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CAIRO: The Minister of Agriculture and Land Reclamation Ayman Farid Abu Hadid said Wednesday that the ministry will plant 1000 acres of olives trees as a first stage in planting 3000 acres with olive tree as part of a farm in South Sinai.

The ministry hopes the farm of olive trees can help the South Sinai region, adding that two factories will be built to manufacture products from the trees, reported Youm7.

The farm will also be used as a guide farm to give instructions and training courses and to support young farmers.

The Ministry of Agriculture signed an agreement in February with the Arab Organization for Agriculture to plant three million olive trees in Sinai and along the North Coast from 2014 to 2017.

By planting the trees and creating the farm, the ministry aims to support the poor, provide job opportunities and ensure sustainable income for people in Sinai, said Abu Hadid, adding that the Ministry of Agriculture has already planted 600,000 olive trees as part of the project, reported Al-Mogaz newspaper.

This came during the Minister of Agriculture visit to south Sinai  to put the cornerstone of the guide farm in Tour Sinai’s region, it said pointing out that the minister inspect the development works on the fishing port there , youm7 stated.

During a visit by Abu Hadid to inspect the farm’s development, South Sinai governor Khalid Foda said the coming period will witness unprecedented agricultural development in which the governorate will distribute 3,000 acres to youth (five acres for each person).

Additional reporting by Fayza Mersal. 

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