April 6 marches into Tahrir, surprising authorities
April 6 Youth Movement Members - YOUM7

CAIRO: An April 6 Youth Movement march on Wednesday surprised security forces in Tahrir Square as young protestors managed to enter the square while chanting against the protest law and demanding the release of detainees jailed for violating the law.

April 6 Youth Movement General Coordinator Amr Ali told The Cairo Post that the march began on the 6 October Bridge. A brief clash occurred with security forces but overall, “it was a good day,” Ali said.

A member of the April 6 Democratic Front movement, Sherif el-Rouby, told The Cairo Post that security forces shot tear gas and birdshots once the march reached Talaat Harb Street.

He said that 1,089 political activists have been detained for violating the protest law. The prison sector and human rights organizations place the total number of all political prisoners including Islamists at 23,000.

Political activist Alaa Abdel Fattah said that revolutionary forces consider this and next week the beginning of escalation against the protest law. He said revolutionary forces will continue “escalatory strategies” until activists are released and the protest law is cancelled, Youm7 reported.

Fattah added, while marching atop the 6 October Bridge, that next week prisoners will strike in prisons, women will launch a sit-in on April 21 and a major march is planned to the Ithadeya presidential palace on April 26.

President Adly Mansour met with members of the National Council for Human Rights in the Ithadeya presidential palace on Tuesday. The council’s deputy head, Abdel Ghafar Shokr, said on state television that the number of people imprisoned pending investigation has increased, including children. He also said that some detainees have been assaulted.

The members of the council demanded the cancellation of the protest law and imprisonment of youth. He said the president replied that the current period requires a continuance of the law.

Additional reporting by Mostafa Abdel Tawab and Ahmed Abdel Rahman.

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