Head of alleged ‘terrorist network’ detained: Damanhur prosecution
One of the terrorist detained in Beheira governorate - YOUM7

CAIRO: The Prosecution Authority in Damanhur issued a decision Thursday to detain a Muslim Brotherhood member from the governorate of Beheira who is accused of leading an attack on police officers in Beheira, according to media reports.

The suspect was arrested on Wednesday, and confessed to burning a police car on April 9 along with three other people, Al-Wafd reported.

“The police officer in question had repeatedly assaulted us during protests, so I, along with three other people, decided to burn his car, and we did,” the suspect said in a video published by Youm7, in which he also revealed the names of his partners.

Prosecution investigations linked the suspect to the Brotherhood after storming his house and finding a number of books and posters with the Rabaa sign and anti-government slogans, Youm7 reported. Among his accomplices were two students in their early twenties.

Earlier in March, the Ministry of Interior said the Beheira Security Directorate arrested a group of 11 people who had formed a “terrorist network” that was pursuing police officers, Youm7 reported. The group had created several “anti-police” social media pages, the ministry added, and the detainees also confessed to their crimes in a video published by Youm7.

Police officers have been targeted in different attacks including bombings and armed attacks across Egypt, sparking outrage and fear among many citizens.

Officer Mazen Ibrahim was shot dead last February, sparking anger among his family members and people who attended his military funeral in Beheira. The “funeral turned into an anti-Muslim Brotherhood demonstration,” MENA reported.

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