Three briefly detained after visiting church in Qalubiya
Church of the Virgin Mary in el-Qanater el-Khayreyya - Photo courtesy of onaeg

CAIRO: Three people, including two French citizens, were briefly detained and released after visiting the Church of the Virgin Mary in el-Qanater el-Khayreyya in Qalubiya governorate on Friday, reported ONA.

The three were detained based on their suspicious presence at the church.

Brigadier General Gamal Hany said one of those detained is an engineer with French nationality, who has an Egyptian father. The two others were his cousins, one is of French nationality, from his mother’s side, and one is Egyptian, from his father’s side.

People in the church became suspicious of their presence, calling them “strangers,” and led them to the police station.

One of the detained explained to authorities that they were visiting a relative and wanted to visit the nearby church.

Friday marks Good Friday in Christianity, a day when Christians flock to churches for religious services. With the Christian Easter approaching on Sunday and Sham el-Nessim, a national holiday marking the beginning of spring, on Monday security is on high alert as there have been several attacks on Christians and churches in recent years.

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