Democratic Jihad Movement
Democratic Jihad party

Arabic: حزب الجهاد الديمقراطي

Organization type: Political Party

Established: 2012

Key members: Sheikh Yasser Saad (leader), Nabil Naeem (founder), Sabra Ibrahim (deputy founder)

The Democratic Jihad Movement is an Egyptian political party that was founded in 2012, in time to support Ahmed Shafiq in the 2012 presidential elections against Mohamed Morsi. Their support to Shafiq was a surprise, given their radical thoughts and ideology and some of their members past violent viewpoints.

The party has members who were formerly Egyptian Islamic Jihad, along with members from other Islamist groups. The party is also known as the Islamic Democratic Jihad Party and the Islamist Jihad Party.

The party’s decision to break away from former radical organizations symbolizes a break into a more peacekeeping approach.

The party is criticized by Mohamed al-Zawahiri, younger brother of al-Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri, claiming that “Jihad and Democracy as opposites and don’t mix.”

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