Clashes erupt during MB protests
Ain Shams Clashes - YOUM7/Saied Rabie

CAIRO: Violent clashes erupted between pro-Muslim Brotherhood members and residents in Ain Shams neighborhood, where both sides used bullets and birdshot, Youm7 reported Friday.

Security forces dispersed a pro-MB march in Al-Haram neighborhood by throwing tear gas bombs, following the eruption of severe clashes between both sides.

Police also dispersed a nearby march in Faisal neighborhood, and closed Nahda Square with steel barricades to prepare for MB protests with intensified security measures.

Meanwhile, security forces opened the road in October 6 City after MB supporters blocked it in Friday protests.

In Mataria, MB protesters threw rocks and flames at the police forces, who fired back with a number of tear gas bombs.

Traffic returned to normal in Mostafa el-Nahhas Street after police dispersed pro-MB demonstrators using tear gas bombs.

Furthermore, clashes erupted between police and pro-MB students, when the students threw rocks at the police, causing state of panic among other students.

In Suez, clashes erupted between MB supporters and police when they threw glass and fireworks on the forces, who responded with tear gas bombs.

Residents of Kafr Hegazy Village in Mahalla dispersed a march by MB supporters who chanted anti police and army slogans.

Reporting by Reham el-Masry, Mohamed el-Dib, Mostafa Yehia, and Mohamed Kamal.

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