Cairo court says banning Israeli activities out of its jurisdiction
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CAIRO: Cairo Court for Urgent Matters ruled on Wednesday that it has no jurisdiction to issue a verdict on a case demanding the ban of the activities of the state of Israel in Egypt, according to Youm7.

In mid-January, lawyer Hamed Sediq filed a lawsuit against Egypt’s interim President Adly Mansour and the Prime Minister Ibrahim Mahlab demanding banning all the Israeli activities inside Egypt, the closure of the Israeli embassy in Cairo and listing Israel as an endorser of state-sponsored terrorism.

In his lawsuit, Sediq said “Israel has been using violence against Palestinians and it represents a blatant threat to Egypt’s national security,” according to Al Masry Al Youm.

He also attributed the deteriorated security status in Sinai to the “Zionist entity.”

The controversial decision comes after the same court announced on March 4 the banning of all the activities of Hamas, the Palestinian affiliate of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood.

The court also ordered the closure of Hamas’s offices in Egypt, pending a court verdict in an espionage case involving ousted President Mohamed Morsi and 36 co-defendants, most of whom are members in Hamas.

Professor of International Law at Ain Shams University Al-Sayed Abu el-Khair told The Cairo Post that the court ruling to ban Hamas’s activities was politically motivated, and that it has no judicial grounds and represents an obvious violation on Egypt’s Penal Code.

Egypt’s Criminal Law is to be applied on non-Egyptian entities committing any violations within Egyptian territory, said Abu el-Khair.

“The court has no jurisdiction in both cases,” he added.

The same court also decided earlier to list Ansar Bayt al-Maqdis as a terrorist organization, confiscated the assets of the Muslim Brotherhood, and banned the nomination of its members in Egypt’s upcoming presidential and parliamentary elections.

Professor of Constitutional Law Mohamed Nour Farahat said that Cairo Court for Urgent Matters has no jurisdiction to issue ‘administrative’ decisions for the state bodies.

“The State Council is the only judicial body to determine the eligibility of whether or not a person or entity can run for presidential and parliamentary elections,” said Farahat.

He called on the Supreme Judicial Council to revise the decisions of Cairo Court for Urgent Matters and to take an action to stop its blatant violation of the law.

In mid-August 2013 and after its success in toppling Morsi through its petition-based campaign, Tamarod launched a campaign on its website calling for “reviving national sovereignty’, according to the Jerusalem Post.

The campaign demanded the abolition of Camp David treaty between Egypt and Israel.

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