Violence between Copts, Muslims arises in Khosous
Clashes in Khosous - YOUM7 (Archive)

CAIRO: Clashes erupted during the early hours of Saturday between Muslim and Coptic residents in Khosous residents, as fire arms were used in an outbreak of violence near Mary Girgis Church in Qalyubia governorate, reported Youm7.

The clashes resulted in several injuries and at least one death. Ambulances arrived to the site of the incident to transport the injuried to Matariya Hospital, Youm7 reported.

The body of the deceased has also been transferred to Matariya Hospital.

Qalyubia Security Directorate head Mahmoud Yousry said the violence was the result of a conflict between garbage collectors in the surrounding area, Youm7 reported.

Several Central Security vehicles have been deployed to the area following the clashes, Yousry said.

The instigators of violence are being pursued and a few of them were caught, a security source told Youm7.

Additional Reporting by Ahmed Abdel Hady Bakier, Mohamed al-Sayed, Ahmed Abdel Rady, Mahmoud Reda and Mohamed Qasim.

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