Sabbahi, Mansour lastest topics of satirist Bassem Youssef’s El-Bernameg
Bassem Youssef - YOUM7 (Archive)

CAIRO: Satirist Bassem Youssef mocked Egyptian presidential candidates Hamdeen Sababhi and Mortada Mansour in his most recent episode of the popular TV show El-Bernameg, describing the presidential elections as “free presidential wrestling.”

The first wrestler, Hamdeen Sabahi, closely resembled popular wrestler Triple H, Youssef sarcastically said during his program, while playing the song “Egypt is your mother” as a special dedication to the second wrestler in the presidential elections, Mortada Mansour.

Youssef also juxtaposed the announcement of Mansour declaring his presidential bid with an old video in which Mansour said he would not seek the presidency, claiming that his qualifications and character do not qualify him to be president.

Zamalek Club head Mansour officially announced on April 6 that he will run for president.

Youssef aired video footage that showed Mansour saying that Egyptians are losing their country as it is now suffering from a state of chaos and lack of morals. Youssef added sarcastically, “it would be a disaster if you were convinced you are the one who would eliminate moral collapse in Egypt.”

Youssef also aired a segment depicting Egyptians who were asked what their platform would be if they decided to run for president. Youssef’s audience roared with laughter when an Egyptian citizen answered that “he has a plan that would allow him to invade any state in just 21 minutes.”

During the show, Youssef once again mocked the military “breakthrough” device that allegedly detects and cures HIV and hepatitis C, and displayed videos of the military presenting the device and journalists’ comments on the device. Youssef sarcasticly said, “I swear that we will miss this device during Easter vacation.”

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