Soldiers of Egypt claims responsibility of Mohandessin explosion
Egyptian central security forces - YOUM7 (Archive)

CAIRO: The Jihadist group Soldiers of Egypt claimed responsibility for a Friday explosion took place in Mohandessin’s Lebanon Square, causing the death of one police officer, in a Saturday release on the group’s Facebook page.

Yesterday’s explosion, which comes amid a series of bombings witnessed recently across the country, targeted a police booth, injuring the officer inside.

The release said, “The group succeeded Friday in targeting a boost belonging to a criminal agency.”

Additionally, the release noted that Friday’s attack comes as part of a campaign called “Retribution is life.”

In the same release, the group recounted other two operations this week, saying that they succeeded to target a car belonging to a captain after planting an explosive device under it in Hosary Sq., 6 of October City April 10.

They also announced their responsibility of a bombing in Dokki on April 15, near the Dokki police station in Galaa Square, near the Cairo Opera House, leading to the injury of a police officer, a recruit and a civilian.

They further thanked everyone supported them with information about police officers whom the release referred to as “criminal agencies’ officers.”

In a video posted to their Facebook page Thursday, the group said that it carried out eight operations against security forces, predominantly stationed at checkpoints.

Among the mentioned operations in the video, the group claimed responsibility of three explosions occurred at the vicinity of the Cairo University in Giza, leaving a police brigadier-general killed and seven others wounded.

Escalated attacks and bombings have taken place during the past few months following the ouster of the former President Mohamed Morsi July 3, 2013, and especially after the designation of the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist group on Dec. 25.

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